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The admission process for Bachelor’s and Master’s studies has already begun.


UVP Open Day




EduCo. with a cooperation of the Vincent Pol University
of would like to announce the enrollment time for


PNF basic course (PNF 1+2)



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Dear Students of Physiotherapy, we invite you for the lecture concerning the Bowen technique that will be given by Theo Tsallos.

The lecture will take place on the 1st of  March 2014 at 13.15 in lecture hall at the Vincent Pol University  in Lublin.


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Additional courses

The first aid 16-hour-long training course. The course is designed not only for those who have never dealt with first aid, but also for those who want to systematize their current knowledge. All sessions are composed of practical exercises with the minimal coverage of related clinical knowledge. Practical exercises are conducted with the help of simulating volunteers and resuscitation manikins. Fake injuries are prepared with the use of professional fake-make-up accessories.

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Dear Student!
We invite you to a meeting with The Tree Travel representatives – organiser of summer traineeship in luxurious hotels in Greece.

The meeting is going to take place on 18th December 2013 at 12:00 in room 28.

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