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Dear Physiotherapy Students,

We invite you to the lectures of prof. Giovanii Barassi from Università "G. d'Annunzio"- (Ud'A)- Chieti-Pescara (Italy).

23.02.2015, 10:45 a.m., lecture hall
The various aspects of the integrated approach to rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy”.


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Dear Students

We would like to inform you that admission for Erasmus+ internships is open from 15th of January 2015. Please submit all the required documents in International Relations Office from 9 am to 2 pm.

1. Filled application form
2. CV (Click here to make a standard Europass CV)
3. Copy of English Certificate
4. Photo

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Dear Student
We invite you to a meeting with
Animafest Experience representatives – organiser of summer traineeship in luxurious hotels in Spain.

The meeting is going to take place on 16th December 2014 at 13:00 in room 77.

Apply now!!
Application is free

Meeting on Tuesday will be also recruitment day

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Dear Student!
We invite you to a meeting with The Tree Travel representatives – organiser of summer traineeship in luxurious hotels in Greece.

The meeting is going to take place on 5th December 2014 at 12:15 in room 81.

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Medical Simulation Laboratory in Suwałki

We invite our students to visit Medical Simulation Laboratory in Suwałki: It allows you to conduct realistic training simulation of medical events that may occur at multiple levels of healthcare services in a variety of illnesses and sudden events such as .:

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Day off
November 11th - National Independence Day in Poland.

Please, remember that November 11th 2014 (TUESDAY) is a day off, there are no classes at VPU.

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academic year 2014/2015

Prior to beginning practical training, all Students are required to purchase the personal accident insurance (NNW) and third party liability insurance (OC).

Contributions shall be paid only in cash at the university, room 44, open from Monday to Saturday (9.00 -15.00) by the 31st November 2014

Insurance NNW: 40 PLN
Insurance OC: 40 PLN

Insurance is valid from 10.01.2014 to 30.09.2015.

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IBUK LIBRA available to students

IBUK LIBRA is a virtual reading room of scientific publications.

Students have the opportunity to use the service from all the computers at the seat of our University through the website or they can access multiple resources remotely – at home (access code to download can be obtained from the Library). Each student can use an electronic book by setting up an account on MyIBUK.

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Rector and Chancellor - Founder
on behalf of the academic community of Vincent Pol University in Lublin

kindly invite to
XV Inauguration Ceremony of Academic Year 2014/2015
The ceremony will take place on 19th October 2014.

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Dear Students,
We would like to inform you that the formal welcome ceremony will take place
on the

1st October 2014 at

  • 9 am - BSc Physiotherapy, BSc Cosmetology
  • 11 am - BA, MA Tourism and Recreation

in the auditorium of the University - formal attire requested.
After the ceremony there will be a meeting with the Dean concerning the program and the regulations of your studies.

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In the current year, European University Sports Association has introduced a new sport event and changed the rules of competing in Europe, introducing the European Universities Games. They are going to take place every second year alternately with European Academic Championship. The Games that were performed this year took place in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and included 10 disciplines. For the first Games, EUSA picked the participants according to European rank.

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II EUGames




Dear Physiotherapy Students, we invite you to the lectures of prof. Isabel Carrero Ayuso from Universidad de Valladolid in Spain.

28.05.2014, 9.45 - 11.15 a.m., r. 83 at VPU
Mediterranean diet

29.05.2014, 12.15 - 14.00 a.m., r. 77 at VPU
Fats if food
Olive oils

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Dear Tourism and Recreation Students, we invite you to the lectures of prof. Ilke Kaya from Kilkraleli University in Turkey.


  • 20.05.2014, godz. 10 a.m., lecture hall at VPU
    Turkey’s location and attractions
    Shopping Tourism
  • 21.05.2014, godz. 10 a.m., lecture hall at VPU
    Authentic bazaars in Turkey
  • 22.05.2014, godz. 10 a.m., lecture hall at VPU
    Modern shopping centers in Turkey
  • 23.05.2014, godz. 10 a.m., lecture hall at VPU
    Examples of modern shopping centers in the world


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EduCo. with a cooperation of the Vincent Pol University
of would like to announce the enrollment time for


PNF basic course (PNF 1+2)



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Dear Students of Physiotherapy, we invite you for the lecture concerning the Bowen technique that will be given by Theo Tsallos.

The lecture will take place on the 1st of  March 2014 at 13.15 in lecture hall at the Vincent Pol University  in Lublin.


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Additional courses

The first aid 16-hour-long training course. The course is designed not only for those who have never dealt with first aid, but also for those who want to systematize their current knowledge. All sessions are composed of practical exercises with the minimal coverage of related clinical knowledge. Practical exercises are conducted with the help of simulating volunteers and resuscitation manikins. Fake injuries are prepared with the use of professional fake-make-up accessories.

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